84Rockwell didn’t begin at its launch in October 2014. The inspired groundwork started with founder and designer Bridget McDermott’s childhood, growing up on Chicago’s south side at 84th and Rockwell.

Raised to be proud of who you are and what you can become, Bridget’s career landed her the coveted experience at The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNBC, and NBC. At The Oprah Winfrey Show, she found her love for all things beautiful and surrounded herself with talented and fearless women. She departed television to work on her most successful production, three amazing children. Lucky to enjoy her time as a mom, she knew that her next chapter had to be just as authentic.

Introducing 84Rockwell: To Simplify The Complex Woman…Bridget is proud to share the ever-evolving 84Rockwell brand, which originated out of her hometown of Chicago and now made with the finest of Italian leather. Leading the line’s debut, The "Daley Xrossover" is the ultimate power bag. Soft, luxe leather, signature hardware, distinctive compartments, and three styles of wear. The second signature style called the "Gabby Fringe" is the essential trendsetting hip bag with hand-cut fringe detailing in leather and suede, and is now also featured in a "Supercharged" version with extended pocket.

Trends are ever changing and so is 84Rockwell. Be on the lookout for Bridget’s next great creation.